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Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in our gift and special occasion stationery store. Wasootch specializes in wedding and special occasion stationery including invitations and insert cards, thank you cards, stickers, favors, programs and more. You'll also have many gift items available as well. If you have any questions, or you are interested in a design on a different product type (or perhaps you want an RSVP card, reception card, or other product to go with a particular wedding invitation), feel free to send us an email through the social media links at the side or send to wasootch [at] telus [dot] com. We'll respond to any and all requests in a timely fashion! We'll help you personalize any products you're having trouble personalizing too. We can help you create your perfect personalized product! We're also available for custom design work, but we reserve the right to charge a custom design fee payable through Paypal. Additions of matching products may also be subject to a custom design fee. Why is the store named Wasootch? Well, it's the name of a picnic area in Kananaskis Country Canada and we've always found it to be quite a fun sounding word. Then, we looked up the meaning and found that it is a Native American word meaning "unique". We thought that had a nice ring to it. Finally, we started off with our cartoon Bigfoot products and thought that perhaps a Bigfoot type animal might be appropriately named a Wasootch. We've morphed into wedding and special occasion related designs since then. We still always try to put some true "uniqueness" into designs. All images are either ours or used under license. All rights reserved.

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15 results
By David Zydd, 4/1/2015 about
Nice cards!
"loved your store"
By Shadaan, 4/15/2014 about
In one words, if i say- i fell in love with your store, all your wedding products are amazing, you are doing such a fantastic work, i really need to learn from you a lot, if you may
"Thanks craftymama!"
By wasootch, 6/8/2011 about
Thank you so much for your comment craftymama! It's very much appreciated and I'm very happy to have helped you with your wedding planning!
"Perfect Perfect Perfect"
By Nicole, 6/7/2011 about
Shannon created all my stationary from Bridal Shower to Bachelorette Party to Rehearsal Dinner to Wedding. Everything was done so perfectly. She was quick to both respond to my emails and custom make everything I requested. I have gotten so many compliments on everything she has made. She is truly fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much Shannon!!! 5 STARS.
By wasootch, 4/29/2011 about
Thank you Bedelia!
"Sunflower Wedding Invitations"
By Bedelia, 4/27/2011 about
I have recieved many comments in regards of the wedding invitations...being so different and pretty...i have enjoyed making all of my wedding invitations and save the date items...def give 5 stars...
By wasootch, 1/17/2011 about
Thanks Angela! Your comments are very much appreciated and I'm so glad I could help out!
By wasootch, 7/28/2010 about
Hello again mavybeansing, I think you might have misunderstood. I need you to send me a message through the "send message" link in the sidebar in order for me to email you. Hopefully you'll check again. That's ok though. I have posted the reception card for you. You can see it above.
By mavybeansing, 7/28/2010 about
Ok thank you..will do...ill check my email for it from now on...thanks again
By wasootch, 7/28/2010 about
Hello mavybeansing, I will create the reception cards for you today. It would be helpful if you could contact me through the "send message" link located in the sidebar above. That way we can communicate through email and I can send you the link to the product when it is finished. Otherwise, you'll have to check back to the store in order to see that it is posted, as the comment wall won't send you an email. Hope that makes sense.
"reception cards"
By mavybeansing, 7/28/2010 about
Hi we just ordered the autumn willow tree invitations invthe rust brow color. Can I get 130 reception cards also in that design and color? I only see them in yellow and green willow trees. Please let me know if its possible to get them. Thank you!
By wasootch, 6/28/2010 about
Hello Isabelle, The table card numbers are customizable. What you need to do is change the number on each and then add one of them to your cart. Then, you go back to the product, change the number again, and then add that one to your cart. Basically, you can do all this from the product page, just change the number under personalize it, then change the quantity to one, then add it to your cart, and repeat 20 times. I don't currently have any matching menus, but I can make one up for you. What I'd need to know is the exact design you are looking at. I have quite a few different daisy designs. If you want to email me, you can by clicking on "send message" in the sidebar above. It's a bit easier to communicate that way because I'll receive an email right away.
By isabelle80424, 6/28/2010 about
Wasootch- i was wanting to order the daisy table number place cards and i was wondering if you could print the numbers 1-20 (since im ordering 20) instead of just ordering 20 table number 12's. if not what do you suggest i do? and is there a menu that matches the place cards and table cards as well? thanks for your help!
By wasootch, 3/14/2010 about
Hello Mary Ann, We're notoriously bad for naming products all with the same name. There are 4 gerbera daisy designs with that same name for the thank you card unfortunately. We'd need to clarify with you which one you are looking for. That said, yes table cards can be created. There are a couple of options for product types to put the design on. Again, it would be good to clarify with you. Please send us a message through the "send message" link above. That way we can communicate through email. Thanks!
By wasootch, 2/21/2010 about
Hello Marysia, I'm happy to hear that you are interested in our tartan wedding invitation. It is very likely possible to design a tartan invitation using a campbell tartan. However, there are usually more than one tartan for any given name, so I would require further information from you. Please feel free to send us an email through the "send message" link in the sidebar above. It is much easier to communicate that way. Thanks!
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