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The Waves of Change The Mission of Waves of Change is “ To empower and mobilize a broad range of stakeholders to protect the oceans and promote ocean sustainability. Protection of the oceans is a necessity - the world and our overall quality of life depend on it. Join us in preserving our ocean heritage and be part of The Waves of Change. A five year global campaign initiated by International Ocean Institute, The Waves of Change vision is for “Greater human responsibility for the care and maintenance of the planet oceans and seas.” Through collaboration with goups such as, scientific, education, business, youth, local governments, enviornmental, faith based groups, media and entertainment communities, The Waves of Change provides innovative programs to explore as well as develop their awareness about ocean issues. We are also calling on all individuals, groups, and organizations concerned about the future of our Oceans to join us in our efforts. The Waves of Change provide platforms for collaboration between the public sector, non-governmental groups and business to develop innovative approaches and solutions to ocean stewardship issues as well as opportunities for business to engage in international processes regarding the oceans. Waves of Change is focusing on six areas:, global ocean literacy, ocean pollution, ecosystem restoration, marine food security, ocean champions, and climate change. Waves of Change is your opportunity to effect change and share renewed interest in our common heritage. Become involved in a global ocean campaign and start the ripples that will create Waves of Change. 100% of the profits from this site support the Waves of Change Campaign.

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