Love Dance
Wedding Invitations
Written in the Stars
Love Birds Song
Love Constellation
Tandem Dream
(Winter) Magic Love
Fall in Love
Fall Romance
Love Gives Me Wings
Love Nest
Peacock Sea Fantasy
Vintage Frame on Damask & Love Birds
Magical White
Love Tree
Love Gallery
Blooming Love 2
Love Dream
Love Flight
Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me to the Moon 2
Butterfly Garden
Mason Jar - Sunflower
Diamond Tree
Goldfish Love
Love Music
Peacock Fantasy Tree
Love Wish Lanterns
Romance on the Lake
Romeo And Juliet Peacock Version
Sea of Love
Diamond Love
Happy Love
Wish Lanterns Dream Forest
Love Soup
Forever & for Always
I'll love you until the end of time
Les Aristochats Noirs de Paris
A True Fairy Tale
Blooming Love
Cherry Flower Gown
Love birds story
Prisoners of Love
Love Birds and Sakura
Fall... in Love

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Everything for your dream wedding! Made with love for you! View more gifts at Zazzle. Feel free to contact me for special requests. My e-mail for you:

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By Lillian, 4/28/2014 about
I meant, A True Fairy Tale!! LOL. Are we able to create them into stickers and postcards? Plain designs without the word married/marriage on them? I would love a plain design with no text on them that I can personalize because then I would order them all the time!! Thank you. GLW
"Wedding Dreamland"
By Lillian, 4/28/2014 about
Hi, I am in love with your design of the white pumpkin carriage, but, I can't seem to find a way to personalize them with stickers postcards. They have a special place in my heart because my dad was called, Pumpkin, and we lost him to suicide less than two years ago. So now, the pumpkin carriage is like a symbol of who I am and a big part of my life. I love writing letters and I have pen pals all over the world. I would love to personalize the white pumpkin carriage design with stickers that I can just add my name to it, and, even create postcards and envelopes with. I know it's for weddings, but, can you create them with the plain design too? I know there are many girlie girls out there who love the dream love design who would use your beautiful creations if some of them were plain too, so we can create our own items with them without the word, (marriage, wedding, etc) on them. I plan on getting married one day and I know where I will get my invitations at/from! Thank you so much. Always, GLW
"Your shop"
By Dee Flouton, 12/28/2012 about
Love your cards-such beautiful and varied designs!
"*`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´* Congratulations on your latest TBA! *`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´*"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 12/21/2012 about
We wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year! Ron
By Destiny, 12/20/2012 about
Hello, Pleasure To Meet You ;))) Phenomenal Gallery•☆.。.•* Congratulations on your latest TBA!!!♫•*¨*Wishing you & yours a Blessed Holiday & New Year!!!!♫•*•☆.Best Wishes, Take Care♫•*
"*`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´* Congratulations on your latest TBA! *`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´*"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 12/20/2012 about
We wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year! Ron
"Ver beautiful"
By Mui-Ling Teh, 11/26/2012 about
Love your illustrations; they are simple, elegant and dreamy; sometimes a bit surreal but in a beautiful way :)
By Shirley Taylor, 10/27/2012 about
Love your store! Congrats on your TBA! Best wishes to you. Take care =)
"Thankyou for liking my site"
By Sandy Daley, 10/9/2012 about
I wondered how you found it. Hardly anyone buys from there so the support is appreciated.
"Mutual Fans :)"
By Yonni's Wacky Workshop, 10/9/2012 about
Belle - thank you for stopping by and joining the fan clubs for our Basic Design and Los Angeles stores. We are now mutual fans! Keep up the great work and all the best ~ Yonni :)
"Answer for Tay"
By Belle13, 4/1/2012 about
I've made it. I hope you like it. If you have any other requests, fell free to contact me. My e-mail: Have a great-sunny day!
"question about prisoner of love invites"
By Tay, 3/30/2012 about
could you do the prisoner of love invite on a blue background similar to the color on your A Fall (in Love) story ones?
"My first Squidoo Lens"
By Belle13, 3/11/2012 about
Check out my Oriental Sakura Wedding Squidoo Lens: . I hope you'll enjoy it! Let me know! I love to hear your opinions on everything that I make!
"Cool store, best of luck!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 2/18/2012 about
*`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´* Congrats. On your latest TBA! *`*•.¸☆★☆¸.•*´* Have a great weekend! Ron
By Belle13, 2/16/2012 about
Thank you all!
"Your designs are beautiful!!"
By WheatgrassDesigns, 1/6/2012 about
I really like your first design on this page. Don't give up... it takes awhile for your store to be noticed. Network on Zazzle as much as you can, and link as many places as possible! Hint: Add your Zazzle store link to your email signature. :-)
"Thank You!"
By D. Vader, 12/19/2011 about
Hi belle, Thank you for the visit & compliment on my Snake Skin Canvas Hi Tops. Have a great week! D.Vader
By suncookiez, 11/3/2011 about
Nice designs, best wishes!!
By Belle13, 10/29/2011 about
Thank you very much, D.Vader!
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