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We the people products, for a political statement without rancour . . . just telling it lilke it is. Patriotic, conservative, and tea party themes, along with 'messages to Washington' from average citizens. WePeople is a Zazzle Pro Seller Other Zazzle Galleries: CruiseReady on Zazzle and TropiCards and my newest, H2Owater Save with Coupons! --->

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"I'm back!"
By funnyjokes, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks telling me about your three shops. Be sure to see all your products that have been added to "What Sells Best on Zazzle".
By digiscrapthat, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for becoming a fan of my site. Youv'e got some great designs/messages here.
By periwinkle48, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for joining my FC. You have a nice, honest gallery here. It's how many, many Americans feel these days. At least they are feeling something!
By Margaret M Stewart, 8/24/2011 about
Love your designs! Keep up the great work :)
"Cool Stroe!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 4/21/2011 about
Best of luck to you. Ron
By Sandyspider, 3/20/2011 about
I meant my cheesecake card. LOL
"Thanks so much!"
By Sandyspider, 3/20/2011 about
I appreciate that you visited my Chocoholics Unite Gallery of Gifts and giving my cheesecard card 5 stars.
"Posted store"
By sorana, 3/8/2011 about
Hi, Your store is now posted on MySquidzazzle
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
Wow I love your designs! The colors pop right off the screen! :-)
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
it is a sweet ride twisted diva the gallery and this life thanx bconst
By Mgifts, 1/7/2011 about
OUTSTANDING patriotic products... really! I wish I had the computer - art skill that you do! Most of my best stuff is photography related... and the poetry / prose prints. Anyway, I am really impresed with your work! Michael M. Middleton / "Mgifts"
By chris_scroggins, 12/13/2010 about
Thank you for visiting my card shop and for being a fan- happy creating!
By yourpetstorewithmore, 10/31/2010 about
Great ideas! I'm on your side!!!
By funnyjokes, 10/2/2010 about
Thanks for adding to What Sells Best on Zazzle. Come back to this site to sign the guestbook to be viewed. You made also know me as sandyspider.
"I'm a fan! Timely gallery for elections."
By Sandyspider, 9/29/2010 about
By Sarah_Palin_Gifts, 9/28/2010 about
Great work and designs. We are with you.
By Doodlescardsnstamps, 9/20/2010 about
for joining our fanclub. joined yours and are mutual fans. good luck with your site.
By US_Patriot_Gear, 7/12/2010 about
Excellent work.
By Shoetiedesigncolette, 6/2/2010 about
Great store*****
By ComeAwayStudio, 5/25/2010 about
Thank you for the comment on my TBA!
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