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I HAVE FUN WITH MY ZAZZLE STORE! I'm so happy you stopped by to visit my store. Before you finalize your purchase from my store, be sure to visit ZAZZLE.COM/COUPONS to check for any current Zazzle promotions, ensuring you get your best possible price! A few years ago, after a lifetime in Akron, Ohio, I moved to a very rural Kansas town; since photography is my funtime hobby, I'm showcasing some of my favorite shots here on Zazzle products. My photos are rather eclectic, ranging from bright and vibrant flowers to western and rural countryside themes. Some photos are straight from the camera; others have been digitally altered for a more artsy feel. If you would like to see one of my photos on a Zazzle product which I may not have created yet, please send me a message via the Contact Seller button below, and I'll be happy to oblige. I can alter or adjust anything you see here more to your expectations. Also, remember that in many cases, YOU can customize most Zazzle items and change the text to whatever you desire! Follow my Kansas misadventures by visiting my blog - there's a link on my About page, along with links to my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Find out what's new in my rural neck of the plains!

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By WildThings, 3/28/2012 about
Great store, wonderful images.
By Belle13, 2/18/2012 about
Thank you for visiting my store and thank you so much for the tips you gave me! I really appreciate them! I wish you all the best, many sales and happiness!
By magnificentphotos, 2/16/2012 about
Thanks so much for giving me my first comment ever on Zazzle! You made my day.
By Natalie Schorr, 1/26/2012 about
Thank you for signing on as an Allposters Affiliate through my lens. You have wonderful work here and there, and I know you'll do well!
"Thank You!!!"
By LUCKY PINKIE, 1/24/2012 about
Thank you for your nice comment! Lots of luck in 2012 to you too!!!
"Thoughts and thanks"
By valleyvisions, 1/21/2012 about
Yours is a wonderful site full of neat stuff! Horses! Such a wide range of subjects makes your store exciting to browse. Thank you for visiting my store and for your kind comments, it means a lot to me. Bob.
By mollymortphotography, 1/11/2012 about
I like your kitty cat items, they are sweet. And I love that you listed the Zazzle coupon page as a link at the top of yours! That's so helpful, I might have to borrow that idea :)
By Oom, 1/11/2012 about
I love your photography! You've got some really cool stuff here. : )
"Like it!"
By Fred Flyfisher Fotos, 1/11/2012 about
I really like your images, nicely done!
By MtnMistDesigns, 1/11/2012 about
I love Gerbera Daisies and your stamp featuring the pink one is gorgeous!
"Thank you..."
By Visages: Deborah Miller, 1/11/2012 about
Thanks so much for visiting Visages. Might I repay the compliment?! Your photography is out of this world beautiful. I love love LOVE your cards & gifts. My secret to over 4000 items in my store? It's my full time job... I hope to be a pro seller soon.
By Westerngirl, 1/11/2012 about
Nice photography...it reminds me of "home" as I grew up on the Nebraska/Kansas state line. Now I'm doing much what you are in my transplanted home of rural Colorado! Keep up the good work!
"Great story"
By Sarah Trett, 1/10/2012 about
Just read your blog from "city gal moves to oz land", great story sadly I don't have the acreage property though. But have joined the ranks of rural Australians from living near London, UK. see http://www.squidoo.com/my-little-eden it is an adjustment glad to see you are enjoying it. I love your photography truly capturing the spirit of rural Australia. Great stuff wishing you the very best. x
"Nice looking gallery!"
By Sandyspider, 1/10/2012 about
Thanks for adding to What Sells Best on Zazzle.
"Looking Good!"
By ByTheBecks, 1/9/2012 about
Love your swallowtail caterpillar notebook!
By Alexandra Waterman, 1/5/2012 about
Thanks so much for checking out my lil' store and for noticing my spelling mistake on my card! I love your store as well! Thanks again, Alex
"Thanks Gale!"
By WheatgrassDesigns, 1/3/2012 about
I'm busy making new products for my Zazzle store.... notepads, notebooks, and some puzzles too! I hope to make a few new products every day for the next month or so. :-)
By scribbleprints, 1/3/2012 about
I would love to see some of your pictures on puzzles too. :-)
By watercolorhorses, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for stopping by. I was hoping to see some photos with your horses but didn't see any. Your photography is all so beautiful, I particularly love the doorway and the chair photos. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, thanks for sharing it with us. Welcome to Zazzle :)
By Julier, 12/19/2011 about
You're capturing the beauty of your environment. Good job and beautiful work.
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