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Welcome to the Wislander.com on-line store at Zazzle. All of the items you'll find in this store come from the semi-warped mind of Kenn Wislander (that’s me), and almost all of them are based upon my original illustrations. This store is a work in progress, and I’m adding new designs, and merchandise, all of the time; and yes, I’m the same person who creates and maintains “The Angry Bunny Web Comic” which is why you can find their merchandise in this store too.

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By Destiny, 3/14/2013 about
Hi, Great to meet you Very Nice Art*`*•.¸★★★★★¸.•*´* `*•.¸★★★★★¸.Hope 2013 is a beautiful one for you & yours, Take Care =) Cherie*`*•.¸★★★★★¸.•*´*
By Elsie Johnston Black, 7/19/2012 about
Great designs! I love your store!
"Great Stuff!"
By glenndesigns, 12/19/2011 about
I'm very impressed with your designs. You have some great stuff here.
By crazywacky, 12/19/2011 about
Looks like your havin' fun....keep it up!!!
"Quality professional work!"
By Dave B, 9/29/2011 about
I added you to my facebook merchant stores. Keep up the cute cartooning. It's my favorite!
By Insomniak, 9/10/2011 about
Fun stuff, Im a fan!
By doodlesfunposters, 2/3/2011 about
for joining our fanclub. Mutual fans now. Best wishes to you.
"Great Designs"
By BeerPongHero, 1/9/2011 about
We recently used your Drunk Leprechaun Poster in a Squidoo lens on drinking quotes. It fit perfectly with the page, thanks for the great design! http://www.squidoo.com/the-best-funny-drinking-quotes
By landofzen, 11/21/2010 about
love the angry bunny! Check out our movie munchie murder
By HolaJenny, 7/25/2010 about
love your designs
By dESartb, 4/23/2010 about
Great store set-up! I hope to get mine into tip-top shape in the futrue. And your product designs are cool!
By GreenCarbon, 2/10/2010 about
Too funny, great graphics, thanks for the laughs!
By csdesigns, 11/24/2009 about
I joined your fan club and invite you to join mine. have a great day!
By neslehcim, 11/14/2009 about
Outstanding gallery
By jenniekurono, 8/24/2009 about
Cute design!!!!
"Very nice"
By lifesphere, 8/1/2009 about
Good work.
"Great gallery"
By PeteMcGXD, 7/30/2009 about
Tons of excellent and funny products
By holiday_wear, 7/9/2009 about
Absolutely hilarious and cute at the same time! How do you do it? I love, love, love it all. Well done.
By Alleycatshirts, 7/5/2009 about
I love your designs very funny and original and well constructed. I must become a fan.
By thoughts_and_doodles, 6/13/2009 about
kool stuff, grat artworks
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