Statistics, Anyone?
Sedimental / Sedimentary Attitude (Geology Humor)
DNA Replication (Genes / Molecular Biology Humor)
Sodium-Potassium Pump (Active Transport)
EKG/ECG Heartbeat (Electrocardiogram Sinus Rhythm)
Brain (Humor)
Software Development Fun (Open Source Duke)
Bridge / Duplicate Bridge Saying Humor Gifts
Life Is A Chess Game
Earth's Timeline (Geological Age)
Thomas Alva Edison
Wonderland (Alice In Wonderland Adventure)
Dinosaurs Are Back (Dinosaur Fun)
Earth Science (Geological Attitude)
Just Running On Krebs (Krebs Cycle - TCAC)
Have A Heart
Morse Code (Communication With Dots & Dashes)
Photosynthetic Attitude (Photosynthesis)
Nikola Tesla
Mosquito Fun
Mars Exploration
A Matter Of Attention (Neuron / Synapse)
Android (Software Developer Humor)
This Machine Is Powered By
Health & Medicine
Periodic Table Of Elements
Environmental (Green & Earth Day) Power
Worker Ant Inside
Blueprint (Fruit Fly Drosophila Genes)
See What Medical School Has Done To Me (Vesalius)
Pi (Mathematical Pi / Pie Humor)
Semiconductor (Microprocessor)
ATP Molecule & Electron Transport Chain
MyPlate (Diet / Nutrition Humor)
Cousin Tree With Genetic Kinship (Family Reunion)
Here's How I Vent
Brewing Brewers 16th Century Woodcut Illustration
Alternation Of Generations (Life Cycle)
Endocytosis (Eating Cellular Level Humor)
Think Hexadecimal
Golf (Humor)

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