Photosynthetic Attitude (Photosynthesis)
Have A Heart
Sedimental / Sedimentary Attitude (Geology Humor)
Bridge / Duplicate Bridge Saying Humor Gifts
Statistics, Anyone?
EKG/ECG Heartbeat (Electrocardiogram Sinus Rhythm)
Life Is A Chess Game
Brain (Humor)
DNA Replication (Genes / Molecular Biology Humor)
Wonderland (Alice In Wonderland Adventure)
Earth Science (Geological Attitude)
Endocytosis (Eating Cellular Level Humor)
Sodium-Potassium Pump (Active Transport)
A Matter Of Attention (Neuron / Synapse)
ATP Molecule & Electron Transport Chain
Just Running On Krebs (Krebs Cycle - TCAC)
Health & Medicine
MyPlate (Diet / Nutrition Humor)
Gears (Brain)
Software Development Fun (Open Source Duke)
Earth's Timeline (Geological Age)
Thomas Alva Edison
Dinosaurs Are Back (Dinosaur Fun)
Environmental (Green & Earth Day) Power
Morse Code (Communication With Dots & Dashes)
Nikola Tesla
Mosquito Fun
Mars Exploration
Android (Software Developer Humor)
This Machine Is Powered By
Periodic Table Of Elements
Worker Ant Inside
Blueprint (Fruit Fly Drosophila Genes)
See What Medical School Has Done To Me (Vesalius)
Pi (Mathematical Pi / Pie Humor)
Semiconductor (Microprocessor)
Cousin Tree With Genetic Kinship (Family Reunion)
Induced-Fit Enzyme-Substrate (Biochemistry)
Here's How I Vent
Brewing Brewers 16th Century Woodcut Illustration
Alternation Of Generations (Life Cycle)

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