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Designs for the aspiring novelist, secretary or anyone who types. Remember when we had to type on manual typewriters? These are not only manual typewriters but they are vintage typewriters! Technology has moved us a long way from the good old typewriter!

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By stickmencomics, 7/21/2010 about
Great job on your Gallery's artwork... The Dark and Storm Night Typewriter design is fantastic... God Bless...
"love your gallery!"
By homeschool_shop, 3/27/2010 about
Lots of fun ideas here!
"Love the new bookplate!"
By susan52z, 3/20/2010 about
Great designs!
"Brings back memories!"
By Sandyspider, 1/16/2010 about
Totally revamped RocketMoms Zazzle Galleries for those who were in the group for Session 2. Three of your products are shown there.
"Love it, tooo!"
By moonvine44, 7/13/2009 about
Those old typewriters were wonderful pieces of equipment! no wires -- just a man (or woman) and a piece of equipment - the starting point for tons of novels for sure!
"Love it!"
By susan52z, 7/13/2009 about
What a great design! I'm looking forward to more!
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6 results