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YOAMOLALECHE by DUO/IDO We like to define ourselves as a small team, formed by two people = a duet, or colleagues. Similars & also life partners. We are a graphic design couple, Luciana & Diego. & duo/ido is the name we have chosen to set up our studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in year 2004. We offer our professional expertise to potential clients. We offer our range of services in graphic design to people who contact us to work together. These activities define our studio’s everyday movement to assist individual project requirements. But, within this philosophy & customized methods, everything that we search or develop or look for inspiration during our free time, starts to come up, or simply it suddenly appears. This experimental approach, both conceptual & material, has been slowly transformed into an actual defined project that we’ve decided to name: YOAMOLALECHE. As said, firstly, our efforts & encouragement involved experimentation, obviously without forgetting the limits established by ourselves. In short, we wanted it to be possible & real. Secondly, we decided to share our incipient, small creation with the consumers & targeted public. YOAMOLALECHE comes to life & takes the form of a universe built up thru milk’s strength & energy. We are continuously looking for a spleen (a feeling of happiness & pleasure) in our minds. This means to to be or to behave as adults & at the same time be capable of keeping the lively, strong & happy sense of childhood we all carry inside. We tried to recreate one happy & energetic universe where drinking milk means to have the “potion”, the brew, to return to our childhood thru a bit of innocence & naivety. We consider ourselves healthy minds-souls & milk is, hence, the element of our inspiration. As we all know, milk is a white liquid, opaque, slightly sweet. White represents the strength of purity. It is baby’s food, mother’s food, source of life & divine energy. So, YOAMOLALECHE, means = minimum effort, maximum effect. Long life, good life. We build/create warm, sweet, well-built, friendly characters. We let them grow. They all live together within the same universe, YOAMOLALECHE’s world. We constructed this idea thru emotional experimentation. Speaking of games & pleasure & entertainment, we think it is indeed motivating to have our own parallel extremely positive project. One capable of making us & people happy. We believe we all need the intense & thrilling aspect of a job, as we need maternal food. This project stills works on finding ways to encourage us. It implies a strong challenge to our creativity & imagination. For all those who feel our same emotions, interests & drive, you are truly welcome. Luciana Echevarria & Diego López

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By ZoraidaZaro, 9/14/2010 about
Qué buenos!
By voxxromana, 5/6/2010 about
Very nice art!
By love2dsign, 3/5/2010 about
Your awesome artwork has been featured on Zazzle's Best (http://zazzlesbest.blogspot.com/)
"Loving your style. FAN :)"
By bd5178, 2/18/2010 about
By yoamolaleche, 2/16/2010 about
Muchas gracias!!!
By insomniak, 1/4/2010 about
Cute stuff, I like the BOO one!
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