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Welcome to the Cave of Treasures, owned by "zazzler55811". This is an experimental shop which opened in February 2008. The available merchandise varies greatly, and the designs consist of all sorts of subjects; the designers are generally referred to as "jacks of all trades, masters of none", therefore you can expect designs of all types, spanning all possible categories of merchandise. Expect the unexpected. With over 400 different items available, including over dozens of necklaces & pendants, we hope you find what you're searching for in the Cave of Treasures. For any and all inquiries, please send a message. Thank you, and enjoy. FEBRUARY 25th, 2011: Zodiac Sign necklaces now available. MARCH 19th, 2011: Americana section now including Delta Force sub-section. Please see store categories on left side. MARCH 26th, 2011: US State Flags coming soon. Please be patient. MAY 20th, 2011: OrigAudio™ Doodle Speakers now available.

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"great job"
By www.zazzle.com/serbia, 9/28/2012 about
nice store dowg..great work
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