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"Lovin' the art!"
By Charlestown_Records, 12/19/2011 about
Great designs-
By Figbeater, 3/2/2010 about
I love your art! I'm a fan :D
By minentertainment, 12/16/2009 about
i love your stuff. add magnets and all categories.
By zazzleproducts1, 5/23/2009 about
Great designs!
By nopolymon, 3/12/2009 about
Cool gallery.....I'm a fan.
"You have a wonderful ODD Gallery! Perfectly insane!"
By PeppersPolishMafia, 3/11/2009 about
"Congrats on TBA!"
By WouldItKillHim, 3/11/2009 about
Love your Style!- Laura
"Cool Store"
By Swazzle, 12/13/2008 about
Great illustration style! Really fun stuff!
By indiebabexx, 11/25/2008 about
your art is incredible
By Missmu, 4/27/2008 about
Cool art. I'm a big fan
"heyy "
By sran1228th1, 3/8/2008 about
i just joined
"Awesome designs!"
By isreallyaspacealien, 3/3/2008 about
Great Work, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
"pretty cool"
By Bakariboss, 12/14/2007 about
I like .
By molotovcoketail, 12/13/2007 about
"Cool Store"
By chiodobros, 12/9/2007 about
Great stuff. I just joined your gallery. Please check out my store if you like Killer Klowns, dinosaurs and aliens!
By PaulHonatke, 11/10/2007 about
Awesome stuff!
By KABSANNIE, 11/1/2007 about
Congratulations in the contest!
"dig your art."
By bluelucy, 10/24/2007 about
we are in st pete!
"big fan"
By cherryroca, 10/16/2007 about
of your work, and inspired by your gallery, great job, keep up the good work. ( i was so inspired by your gallery, i decided to make my own)
"ZekeySpaceyLizard, you changed the look of your gallery."
By Holder, 10/7/2007 about
Cool! Love your cityscape.
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39 results
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