Zazzle Create-a-Product API

Zazzle provides a simple URL linkover-based API that allows any third party to automatically generate a customized product with dynamic images and text.

Earn an additional 15% or more on the sale of that product.

Create a simple link from any image or content on your web site to automatically generate a custom product for sale. When sales come through that link, you will earn an additional 15% or more on top of your normal royalty. Earn significant revenues by enabling users to create products from your content or their content hosted on your website. Click here to learn more.

Once you have set up your associate account on Zazzle, adding links to your site is very easy and fast!

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Creating Template Products

The Zazzle Create-a-Product API

The Zazzle Create-a-Product API can be used to automatically generate over 350 different types of customized products that Zazzle produces. The API allows you to generate either a single product (one-design-to-one-product) or many products (one-design-to-many-products) with a single link on your website.

T-Shirts and apparel - over 250 styles and colors including sweatshirts, ladies fitted shirts, tank tops, infant creepers, and more. In sizes from infant to 6XL.

Real U.S. postage - real U.S. postage in denominations from $.32 postcard and $.45 first-class to $5.15 priority

Mugs - nearly 30 styles and colors including classic white, ringer (6 colors), two-tone (6 colors), stainless steel commuter mugs, morphing mugs, and steins. Available in 11oz, 15oz, and 22oz sizes

Cards - custom greeting cards and note cards. You can design on all 4 sides

Posters & prints - Tons of paper, canvas, size, and framing options to choose from!

The API also supports keychains, stickers, mousepads, hats, calendars and more! Learn more about all the products we offer.

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Customized license plate shirts.

Enter your twitter name and see a mosaic of all your followers on custom products.

Customized “hello my name is _______” shirts.

Developer Support

If you are a software developer working with the Zazzle API and have questions, please contact us at Zazzle Developer Support.