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Customer Feedback

Here's what our customers have to say about Zazzle:

“I just received my first order from your company. However much money it cost you to put your impressive order confirmation/tracking system in place, it was well worth it. Nice work! I was REALLY impressed from start to finish with alerts about the order processing and the small identifying photos of the order contents so I didn't have to try to match product numbers with images. The timely shipping notices and tracking option were all absolutely 5-star!!! I feel superlatively confident in your impressive organizational response to orders by being kept so well informed at every step. Brilliant customer service! Thanks to your company's staff from management for procuring the software program, to the service staff for providing their expertise in processing the order, and the maintenance staff for keeping your company moving and clean-------- Exceptionally well done! Please be thoughtful and generous in passing around the compliments and praises to every member of your organization. Each and every person in your company deserves to get recognized for their own particular part in your company's success. Cheers from a very impressed customer!”
— Louise
“I purchased two sets of wine labels for an upcoming wedding and they matched the wedding invitation nicely and are very professional looking as well. Everyone was quite impressed. I will probably order some just for my regular wine making now!”
— Lynn
“I had the good fortune of having my phone call to Zazzle answered by a most friendly and knowledgeable team player. My belief is that it is important to give credit where credit is due! My daughter and I are coordinating a shower for a family member and she was "in charge" of ordering the invitations. I received a confirmation and realized that there was an error. Wanting to make sure I addressed it immediately I picked up my phone. Not only did "A" happily agree to support my change, she also competently and patiently led me through the process. The error I needed changed was simply done. Meanwhile, "A" noted another area of the invitation that she felt I might want to affect. Her advice was GREAT!! The end result of my newly placed order was so much more to my liking. I have worked in customer service for many years. I have owned my own business and worked in management as well. Without question I would highly recommend "A" based upon her interaction with me. It is such a pleasure to note good work! Thank you for listening and I hope that my words bring light to her career with your company. Sincerely, A Happy Customer”
— Tricia
“There is so much offered on I have had great success with my order and know my daughter has used the site too, and she has had great results. Keep up the good work. has lots of quality items to choose from, great customer service, and a very efficient checkout process.”
— Rhonda
“I just wanted to say thank you so incredibly much! I recently started a cake business and had ordered a pack of 100 custom business cards that I really needed by today for a HUGE customer that really wanted to pass them out to friends and family in order to get me more business. I ordered them in plenty of time and tracked my order as it went from post office to post office. Once it was supposedly delivered by our local post office I checked outside and it was not there. I called the post office every day until finally they said that my business cards are lost forever and they could not do anything about it. I was afraid that I would have to re-order the cards and pay for them all over again and I didn't think they would reach me in time. I called customer service and spoke with an extremely nice girl who apologized for the loss even though it was not her or Zazzle's fault, and she re-ordered the cards for FREE and upgraded my shipping and handling in order for my cards to arrive just in time for me to hand out (which they did)!! My customer is arriving any minute and I have a handful of cards to give her which will really help me out business-wise. I am beyond impressed and thankful for your professionalism and amazing customer service. I posted my gratitude on Facebook for all 1,200 friends to see and will continue to use your site for future purchases. Thank you so much!!”
— Anonymous
“I'm thrilled to have discovered Zazzle. I am thrilled with the variety of products, the vast variety and incredible quality of the art available for them, the degree to which you can personalize or customize most of the products, and especially the excellence of the products themselves and how they're made. No cheap junk here. It's super high quality, American made and totally unique.”
— Lorin
“I think Zazzle is the best print-on-demand company on the internet. Their software is user friendly and there are so many options for personalization. I am impressed with how many images and products each individual is able to retain as well.”
— Rebecca
“Dad was thrilled with his mug. He was on the "shakedown" cruise of the Antietam and displays a photo of the ship in his living room. He said, "I don't like it, I love it!"”
— Catherine
“Many times customers find the time to complain or report issues or concerns related to products and/or the perceived poor service received on part of the customer service representative or manager. Less frequently do I feel SUPERB service by a true business professional is honored and/or commended. I truly feel that it is important to acknowledge the courteous service I received from M, as well as her demonstrated patience, tactfulness, professionalism, knowledge, and attention she paid in resolving the conflict that was presented with my order, not failing to mention the follow up after our conversation. It really shouldn't, and can’t go unnoticed. Signed a truly satisfied customer!! ”
— Vicki
“I was very pleased with what I ordered. We have beehives so I ordered honey bee stickers to put on my honey bear bottles for my daughter's baby shower to give as Thank You gifts in October. Your system was so easy to use. My order got to me fast and was packaged well. And, the honey bear bottles look so cute with your stickers on them. I can't wait for October to hand them out!”
— Susan
“You have always been SO very helpful to me, and seeing all the reviews about the bling issues etc., it made me realize how many saints there are in CS! Zazzle has been an absolute Godsend to me and has been life-changing to say the least. I probably will not be able to return to my Air Traffic Control job because of my injury and resulting health issues, so knowing that I have this option to continue doing what I have a passion for is just incredible. I hope to be able to continue growing my business with Zazzle for many years to come. Thanks so much for ALL you do to make my life easier!!”
— Vicki
“Dear Zazzle, I am going to order a few more iPhone cases at the first of the month. That is how impressed I was with the quality of work on my case. And, I may order more as time goes by. I have some beautiful artwork(Pix) on my iPhone that would make some gorgeous cases, so keep a sharp eye out for me okay! I absolutely adore this company! Guys, Girls, job WELL DONE. ”
— Kimberly
“I had placed an order with Zazzle and messed up in my order placement. At no fault of Zazzle, I was unsatisfied with my final product. Zazzle's customer service department had immediately responded to my inquiry and gave me a full refund on the purchased product. I had selected express delivery, and my product had showed up even faster than I had expected. This company is so understanding, professional, and great with handling your questions and concerns in an efficient way. I think you'd be crazy to order business cards from any other company, which is why I find it necessary to fill out as many surveys as possible to truly express my happiness with the company. I'm working on my business card design right now for my next order! Thanks again Zazzle, I love this company!”
— Holly
“I am very please with my order. It is everything I hope it would be; not a dry eye in the room when I opened up the invitation to my Wedding - they were breath taking. We were very impressed with the price and the quality of the work.”
— Johnell
“Zazzle is a unique shopping site. I have never seen such a wide variety of products! I have only ordered one so far but will shop Zazzle first in the future.”
— David
“We ordered wedding invitations and rsvp cards. Some people have already received their invitation and said they really liked them! We are very happy with the way they turned out. The color and quality of the paper used was very good and looked like we went somewhere and had them professionaly made.”
— Jason
“This was my first experience with I ordered rehearsal dinner invitations and they are absolutely stunning! They look just like the sample that was shown online....Beautiful! They arrived in just a few days as promised. We were so satisfied with the quality that my daughter ordered her wedding invitations a few days later.”
— Debra
“A friend referred me to this site and it's awesome. I started out looking for temporary business cards until I could get a logo designed etc, but now I am not bothering...I am sticking with these. I love the design and quality. I am now in the process of choosing all of my wedding stationery from Zazzle in addition to printing for clients for my events business.”
— Debra
“Zazzle is fantastic!! I ordered graduation invitations for my twin daughters so they could have a picture together rather than the stuffy formal types people normally send... and they were so original!! Everyone loved them and asked me where I got them!! Reasonably priced, rapid shipping, and quality product. LOVE this company and will use it frequently in the future. Made the event much more special!!”
— Sherry
“I am a business owner/seller on Zazzle, and Zazzle's business model is nothing short of spectacular! The product quality is always excellent, the print quality of my uploaded files is 100% true as to what I expect the merchandise to look like, and with the consistent sales that Zazzle has, there is truly no excuse for any entrepreneur NOT to "take advantage" and make a profit for themselves! Zazzle leaves so many head-aches and worries of the business world behind for new-age entrepreneurs such as myself... Zazzle is the future of e-commerce, period. ”
— Drew

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